Should Christmas be only for Christians?

Like a bridegroom coming from his chamber, he rejoiced as a giant to run his course (Ps. 19: 5).

As Christmas draws near, we are preparing our hearts to receive our Infant King, a giant in His divinity, in the consoling and adorable form of a tiny baby. He comes as a baby, but He is still a giant, and He wants to save the whole world and everyone in it!

One of the most marvelous facts of Christianity it that it can lift up, sanctify, restore, and improve every culture that it comes into contact with. That’s what it did for the cultures of the ancient world, and that’s what it can do for our increasingly secularized world too. This means that Christmas is not just for Christians! Let everyone celebrate this great feast: Christians, non-Christians, and secular people alike. It just might bring the spark of grace that allows some potential new believers to meet Christ for the first time … The Bridegroom of our souls, our Giant who comes to meet us in the guise of a little child.

What did He say before He ascended into heaven after His mission on earth was completed? Go therefore and make disciples of all nations (Mt. 28:19).